Greg'ry's Bakery

You're in for a treat

About Greg'ry's

A little history  Greg'ry's was opened in 1986 by Greg Stefl (hence the name Greg'ry's). He, along with help from his family, ran the business successfully until he decided to sell it to Diane Cunningham and Lisa Waldron in 1994. The two had previously worked for him for a number of years. Diane and Lisa maintained the bakery's well known cakes, pies, cookies and other treats. Diane owned the bakery solo for a number of years until June 2011, when Maura Shaffer came on board as a business partner. Customers often thought the two were sisters. Maura brought Harvest Time Pet Treats to Greg'ry's, a side business she had acquired shortly before joining the Greg'ry's team. In January of 2015, Maura and Diane began making plans to retire young. In March 2015,  Diane's daughter Laura Smith, took over bakery operations. 


Where else can you find us? Greg'ry's bakes for  Leaf and Bean Coffee Co., Rohrbachs, Main Street Deli, Jakes Pub, Genesee Community College and Ralph and Rosie's Deli. You can also find us at the Leroy + Brockport Farmer's Markets in the summer.  


Our Motto: In this day and age it's rare to come across places that make things from scratch. It's work, but it's worth it. The number one thing that customers say when they walk in is "it smells so good in here!" It's true.  You may walk in to chocolate chip cookies just coming out of the oven, or someone putting finishing touches on an apple pie. If you decide on one of our breakfast sandwiches, you will be happy you got your day started right! Stop in and see us, we promise you'll be in for a treat!